Flirting For Introverts: 3 Authentic Ways To Get Him Interested (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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You may have told yourself 100 times you’re ready to finally meet someone. Maybe you even read a few dating tips and decided to go try them out.

But then, you see that cute guy you like at work, in your social circle, or at a party.

You want to flirt. You want to get him to notice you. Then at the crucial moment, you shrink.

“H–hey”, you say, trying to play it cool.

You make small talk. Chit-chat about everyday stuff, but nothing that ever amounts to flirting.

And you realize: I can’t do this. I’m too much of an introvert.

If you’ve ever used this excuse before, then get ready. Because I have 3 techniques today that are going to change your dating life forever.

You’re an introvert? Guess what, so am I. Now you’ll find out why that can be your greatest superpower…

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