Moving in Together… Could This Be a Red Flag?

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Have you ever found yourself dating someone, knowing that there’s a lot right with them, but still plagued by a nagging thought in the back of your mind about whether you’re going to be happy with this person long-term?

How do you deal with the doubts you have about a person? Should you continue to move to the next stage of the relationship with them? Or is it too big a risk?

Do you just ignore your feelings and keep going, or pay attention to that doubt and leave?

You don’t have to resort to either of these two drastic options.

In this video, I show you an in-between strategy that allows you to find out for sure if your relationship can work, without risking too much of your energy and precious time . . .

Often when we call it quits too soon, we’re left with that horrible feeling of wondering whether it could have worked with someone. I don’t want you to be left wondering; I want you to have answers.

(And be sure to watch to the very end, because the cameras were still rolling and caught the TRUE NATURE of my brother Stephen bullying me relentlessly . . . let me know whose side you come down on . . . as long as it’s mine.)

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