Had a False Start to 2019? This Will Get You Back On Track… (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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How is 2019 going so far?

Perhaps already you’re asking yourself: “Am I going to achieve my goals for the year?”

Am I going to lose weight? Get my finances organized? Will I take the necessary steps to improve my relationships (or start dating if I’m single?)

Often, you see people get super excited on January 1st (OK, January 2nd, when they’re less hungover). They make New Year’s resolutions (Usually too many.) They set huge goals without thinking about how they’ll actually make them happen.

Then reality kicks in.

They realize change is tough. Change is scary. Change asks us to do things that at first feel uncomfortable, almost alien. It forces us to change or rethink our priorities to make room for new goals.

If you’ve had a shaky start to the year, and you’re already feeling intimidated about getting off track, it’s not too late.

Stop the self-flagellation and get on the path to making this your proudest, most accomplished year ever. Watch this now…

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