How to Tell a Guy You Like Him (Matthew Hussey)

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OK let’s talk about it.

The infuriating phenomenon of men disappearing in the early stages of dating, even at times when things appear to be going well!

It can be so hard to know what you’re supposed to do with a person:

You play hard to get, and he doesn’t even know that you’re interested…

… so you show him you’re interested, but then he loses interest because it seems too easy.

So what’s the answer?

In this video I tell you, and I share the secret to showing your interest in such a way that he keeps coming back for more.

Oh, and if you find you’re in a continuous pattern of things fizzling out early in the dating process before they even get a real chance, stay until the end of the video for a special gift that’s going to help you with that exact issue.

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