Scarleteen Digital Pride!

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Hello! If you’re here then you, like us, are excited for Scarleteen’s Digital Pride Celebration!

We hosted a digital celebration last year, and are continuing to do so for a number of reasons. For starters, while the COVID-19 pandmic is in a very different stage than it was last summer, meeting in large groups is still not the safe choice for many people in many places.

We’re also very aware that lots of our users can’t access in-person pride celebrations, whether that’s due to living somewhere pride isn’t widely celebrated, not being able to be safely out, a disability that makes a lot of pride events a non-starter, or something else entirely. We always want to host a pride that as many people can attend as possible!

So, you’re invited to join us on June 25th and 26th for the inclusive, low-key, and (sometimes) goofy glory that is Scarleteen Pride!

We’ll be updating this page throughout the celebration to include links to all kinds of good stuff, including:

A pride mixtape, from the Scarleteam to all of you.
Scarleteam members sharing their favorite pieces of queer media.
Drag numbers from a set of incredible performers
Drag queen story time

Want to know what to look forward to, or when to check out the Scarleteen site and social media channels  for the events you’re excited about? Here’s the schedule!


10:00 a.m EST: Pride kicks off over on our Twitter and Reddit with a pet pride parade. Do you have a photo of a furry, feathered, scaled, or otherwise adorable friend showing off their pride? Share it to help us fill a thread with animals and rainbows.
10:30 a.m: Hop over to our Instagram for mini histories about all kinds of fascinating queer topics.
12: 30 pm: Learn some painting techniques from Scarleteen volunteer Emily
3:30 p.m: Marvel at Le Tango Dragalicious from The Pantses
7:00 p.m: Digital drag show featuring: Ursula Major, Pinche Queen, King Phantom, Puzzi, and Rubella Spreads.


10:00 a.m: Our second day kicks off with queer media recommendations
10:30 a.m: Learn some quilting with Scarleteen volunteer Ruby!
11:30 a.m: Join us for Drag Queen Story Time with Sister Unity
12: 30 p.m: It’s time for more mini histories, starting with the “Pansy Craze” of the 1920s
1:30 p.m: Learn a tasty, vegan, date night recipe from Scarleteen founder Heather
3:30 p.m: Learn how to grow your own sprouts for cheap from Scarleteen A.D Sam
4:30 p.m: Learn floral arranging from frien of Scarleteen K.J

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